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Stay in touch with me and the group; receive party invitations, shopping recommendations, find out behind the scenes of the fashion shows, interviews with designers and sustainable brands ...
Sustainable Fashion Community

Welcome to the ASSOCIATION

We are a certification body of Italian and international ethical-sustainable brands
We offer assistance to companies on their journey towards the holistic sustainability.
We are the founders of Sustainable Fashion Community: a place that unites people who wish to start, deepen or share their path towards a sustainable lifestyle . 

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associazione moda etica e sostenibile area aziende e brand
associazione moda etica e sostenibile area persone
sustainable ethical fashion association
Kristiana Venturini Presidente Associazione Moda Etica e Sostenibile

My goal is to share the holistic

vision of a sustainable world.

Kristiana Venturini

Ethical and sustainable fashion association

I primi passi verso la sostenibilità: La storia di un'attivista imperfetta


Sei un azienda che produce i capi etico-sostenibili?

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