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GUCCI publishes the latest issue of Chime Zine

Gucci and CHIME FOR CHANGE present the latest issue of CHIME Zine - Gucci's periodical publication that highlights the voices of activists and artists engaged in the struggle for gender equality globally.


The new issue of Zine, edited by the community organizer, author Adam Eli, with the artistic direction of MP5, includes a selection of contributions, including those of

Elisa Manici on the stigma of fatness and its cultural meanings;

Assa Traoré on the movement for racial justice in France and in the world;

Eno Pei-Jean Chen on queer culture in Taiwan and South Korea

To these contributions are added: the artwork by Kira Wei-Hsin Jacobson (許 維 昕); the graphic works of Rawand Issa; Dr. Ritu Singh's personal account of the role of women in the historic farmers' protest in India; the reflections by Isabel Mavrides-Calderón on the intersection of gender and disability and by Faaolo Utumapu-Utailesolo on the collaboration with Women Enabled International, an organization engaged in the front line in support of disability and in the fight against gender violence in Samoa; the conversation between Cecilia Gentili and Bianka Rodríguez about trans activism and discrimination facing trans women in finding housing, sex work, the criminal justice system and within the trans community in Central America and elsewhere.

This latest issue of CHIME Zine is available in digital version on Gucci Equilibrium, the Gucci platform dedicated to social and environmental sustainability, and in paper format at the Gucci Garden in Florence, the Gucci Wooster Bookstore in New York and several bookstores around the world.

"My goal is to convey a strong and clear message to reiterate that the entire Gucci community is united and cohesive in supporting gender equality."

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci

About Gucci Equilibrium

Gucci Equilibrium is committed to generating positive change for people and for our planet. Guided by the creativity and spirit of collaboration that are part of their identity, they work to reduce their environmental impact and protect nature; at the same time, they prioritize inclusion and respect, so that anyone in their #GucciCommunity is free to express themselves in their full authenticity and diversity.

For more information on Gucci Equilibrium, visit and discover the channel dedicated to social and environmental sustainability.


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