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Sustainable Fashion Community



Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Association



Title I - Constitution and purposes
Art.1 - Name-registered office-duration

1. Pursuant to Legislative Decree 117 of 2017, (hereinafter referred to as the "Third Sector Code"), and the rules of the Civil Code on the subject of associations, the non-recognized Association called "Ethical and Sustainable Fashion ETS ”, hereinafter also referred to as“ Association ”. In the context of international relations and relations, the Association may use the English version of its name: Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Association.

2. The Association has its registered office in the Municipality of Milan.
3. It operates in the Lombardy region and intends to operate also nationally and internationally. 4. The Association may establish branches or secondary offices, in Italy and abroad.
5. The Association has an unlimited duration.

Art.2 - Aims

1. The Association is non-partisan and non-denominational, and bases its institutional and associative activity on the constitutional principles of democracy, social participation and voluntary work.

2. The Association pursues, non-profit, civic, solidarity and social utility purposes, through the exercise, exclusively or principally, of one or more activities of general interest in favor of its members, their families or of third parties.

3. It operates in the following sectors:

  1. a)  education, education and vocational training, pursuant to law no. 53 of 28 March 2003, and subsequent amendments, as well as cultural activities of social interest for educational purposes (pursuant to article 5 legislative decree 117/17 letter d);

  2. b)  interventions and services aimed at safeguarding and improving the conditions of the environment and the prudent and rational use of natural resources, with the exclusion of the activity, normally exercised, of collection and recycling of urban, special and dangerous waste, as well as the protection of animals of stray dogs, pursuant to law no. 281 (pursuant to article 5 of legislative decree 117/17 letter e);

  3. c)  scientific research of particular social interest pursuant to article 5 of legislative decree 117/17 letter h);

  4. d)  organization and management of cultural, artistic or recreational activities of social interest, including activities, including editorial, to promote and disseminate the culture and practice of volunteering and activities of general interest of referred to in Article 5 of the Third Sector Code (pursuant to Article 5 of Legislative Decree 117/17 letter i);

  5. e)  commercial, production, education and information, promotion, representation, licensing of certification brands, carried out in the context or in favor of fair trade supply chains, by understood as a commercial relationship with a producer operating in a disadvantaged economic area, usually located in a developing country, on the basis of a long-term agreement aimed at promoting the producer's access to the market and which provides the payment of a fair price, development measures in favor of the producer and the obligation of the producer to guarantee safe working conditions, in compliance with national and international regulations, in order to allow workers to lead a free and dignified existence, and to respect trade union rights, as well as to commit to the fight against child labor (pursuant to article 5 of legislative decree 117/17 letter o);

  6. f)  promotion and protection of human, civil, social and political rights, as well as the rights of consumers and users of the activities of general interest referred to in this article, promotion of equal opportunities and initiatives of mutual aid, including time banks referred to in Article 27 of Law 53 of 8 March 2000, and joint purchasing groups referred to in Article 1, paragraph 266, of Law 24 December 2007, No. 244 (to pursuant to article 5 of legislative decree 117/17 letter w).

4. The Association was born from the desire to combine human development, understood also and above all as social development and the productive fabric, the protection of human and civil rights and environmental protection. The association pursues the following purposes:

  1. a)  Promote and support ethical choices in the workplace and in particular in the fashion world, such as fair and dignified working conditions, decent working hours, adequate wages, etc., as well as sustainable choices, such as the adoption of production processes that avoid the excessive exploitation of resources, that do not pollute, that do not damage or compromise the environment;

  2. b)  Support and promote, also through the identification and promotion of quality standards, of the actors who respect the ethical and sustainability standards promoted by the Association;

  3. c)  informing and making consumers aware of fashion so that they can evaluate whether a product can be considered ethical or sustainable;

  4. d)  promote the dissemination of the culture of conscious fashion also through active and collective participation in national and international events;

  5. e)   to guarantee all citizens, companies and third sector operators a training and information point of reference to contact and through which to share knowledge, skills and experiences with the aim of building networks and develop the social and entrepreneurial fabric.

Art.3 - Activities

1. To achieve the aforementioned purposes, the Association may carry out the following activities: activation of courses, training courses, laboratories and workshops;

  1. a)  activation of courses, training courses, laboratories and workshops;

  2. b)  management of publishing activities, including in digital form, aimed at promoting the issues dealt with and in particular at promoting ethical and sustainable choices in the fashion sector;

c) organization of conferences, events, festivals, fairs and meetings in order to promote the social aims and areas of interest;

  1. d)  organization and promotion of cultural and educational activities at all levels, aimed at promoting the naturalistic and cultural heritage;

  2. e)  promotion of information and training meetings aimed at citizens of any age;

  3. f)  organization of recreational and recreational activities of an occasional and / or continuous nature;

  4. g)  creation of networks between all stakeholders in the fashion world in order to promote, disseminate and solicit

    ethical and sustainable behavior;

  5. h)  creation and management of the registered business to identify sustainable and

    and lead consumers in their purchasing choices;

  6. i)  Creation and management of platforms and digital tools that allow the consumer to get in touch with

    brands that pursue and adopt choices of environmental and social sustainability and buy in a conscious way

  7. j)  management of brands aimed at the certification of ethical and sustainable operators;

  8. k) interfacing with national and international institutions in order to promote useful initiatives to promote

    ethical and sustainable behavior;

  9. l)  signing of collaboration agreements and agreements with companies, associations and institutions in order to

    promote and pursue the social goals;

  10. m)  development and creation of multimedia projects such as, for example,

to. Web sites
b. Applications
c. Audio and video content

n) carry out any other activity not specifically mentioned in this list but in any case connected with the previous ones, as long as it is consistent with the institutional purposes and suitable for pursuing its achievement.

2. The Association may carry out, pursuant to Article 6 of the Third Sector Code, also activities other than those of general interest, provided that they are secondary and instrumental and are carried out according to the criteria and limits established by the aforementioned Code and by the provisions implementation of the same.

3. The Association may also carry out public collections of funds, in order to finance its activities of general interest, in the forms, conditions and within the limits set out in Article 7 of the Third Sector Code and subsequent implementing decrees of the same.

Title II - Rules on the associative relationship Art.4 - Rules on the internal system

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