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Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022: date, place and all the details you want to know

National Chamber of Italian Fashion (CNMI), in collaboration with the United Nations Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI), a program of the International Trade Center and with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Agency for Foreign Trade and the Municipality in Milan, organized the press conference to present the ceremony of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022, which will be held on 25 September 2022 at the Teatro La Scala in Milan, at the end of Milan Fashion Week.

After the last sustainable fashion awards ceremony held in 2020 in digital form due to the global pandemic, the event, back with its fifth edition, is dedicated to rewarding sustainable fashion. A preliminary ESG due diligence table, created by EFI in collaboration with CNMI, will be used to measure the sustainability of the sector and to establish the awards.

The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2022 will present and reward virtuous figures and companies that have distinguished themselves in the world of Italian and international fashion for their commitment to sustainability in its highest meaning, for vision, innovation, commitment to craftsmanship, integration of diversity and inclusion, circular economy, human rights and environmental justice. 12 prizes will be awarded at the ceremony.

"It is the visions of the future, not that of the present, that must guide us in a process of awareness and transformation that promises to be exciting, in which fashion, with its complexity and the values it represents, plays the crucial role"
Carlo Capasa - President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion

The CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards represent the commitment to build a common path in a renewed ecology of relationships and practices, a new way of living together, which is based on the pact between man and nature. Symbol of the event is Michelangelo Pistoletto's Third Paradise, which since 2012 has represented the commitment of the CNMI in this area with the Sustainability Manifesto for Italian fashion, on the initiative of Anna Zegna and Carlo Capasa.

The Third Paradise represents the fusion between the first and the second paradise: the first is the one in which the human being was completely integrated into nature, the second is the artificial paradise, developed by human intelligence. The Third Paradise is the third phase of humanity, which is realized in the balanced connection between artifice and nature. The term "paradise" derives from the ancient Persian and means "protected garden". We are the gardeners who must protect this planet and take care of the human society that lives on it. The symbol of the Third Paradise, a reconfiguration of the mathematical sign for infinity, is made up of three consecutive circles. The two outer circles represent all diversities and antinomies, including nature and artifice. The central one is the permeation between opposite circles and represents the generative womb of the new humanity.

"Returning has always been part of our mission at the Zegna Group. The beauty of the natural environment and the well-being of people are indispensable for a company that aspires to long-term success. It understood that the quality it sought in its products could not be separated from a positive relationship with nature and people. "

Anna Zegna


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